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Automatically remove image background. Fast, Easy and Free
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Remove background from URL

You can give us an image's URL and we will remove the background from that source.

Use this example: https://images.pexels.com/photos/2078474/pexels-photo-2078474.jpeg?h=750&w=1260

</> API for million images

If you want to process multiple images you can integrate our API into your systems.

From remote URL

curl --request GET -o byebackground-image.png https://api.byebackgrounds.com/images.pexels.com/photos/2078474/pexels-photo-2078474.jpeg?h=750&w=1260

From a local file

curl --request POST -F 'file=@./img/picture.jpg' -o byebackground-image.png https://api.byebackgrounds.com

This API is under active development and might change in the future. Also a paywall will be added. Contact us

This project is part of the Flyyer.io ecosystem.

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